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Monday, December 27, 2004

Still here...

I have some photos for you to see. Head on over to my photo blog and have a look.

Again, I have been absent from posting. Good thing this is not a job, or I wouldn't be making much money at it.

In fact it was my job that was keeping me away. I have been busy giving test, calculating grades, and doing all the other associated paperwork involved with being a teacher. Have I ever mentioned how much I dislike this aspect of teaching? Well, I do dislike it very much.

The semester has ended, but that isn't the end of work for me. Unlike a real teacher, I still have to work. I will be teaching the winter session program until about the end of January. Then finally I can go on vacation for about a month. No vacation plans yet, but something has happened that might make going somewhere even less of a possibility.

I think I broke a bone in my foot the other day. I say think because I have yet to go to the hospital to have an x-ray. Yes, it does hurt, but not so much that I am unable to walk. Well, actually I do kind of limp along right now. I haven't gone to the hospital yet because it didn't seem that bad, and because I dislike hospitals, and because I dread the whole experience of going and not knowing what the heck is going on or what they plan on doing. I guess I will probably go tomorrow, though.

I did some reading today and have determined that what the situation probably is, is a fracture of the fifth metatarsal of the foot, or more specifically an avulsion fracture for the fifth metatarsal. I am hoping it is an avulsion fracture, because it could be what is called a Jones' fracture. The Jones' fracture is a little more serious, especially if there is some displacement.

Another reason I think it is an avulsion fracture is because one of the ways that it happens is in twisted ankles. When you step on the outside of your foot and you continue to twist the ankle, a tendon connected to the little boney point can basically pop off a little piece of bone. And I actually remember hearing a little pop/crack when it happened.

I am hoping it is the avulsion fracture because treatment doesn't necessarily involve wearing a cast. I really don't want to have to wear a cast. With this kind of fracture you can sometimes get by with just compression wrapping and anything that takes the weight off the foot, like crutches, a splint, or a brace.

After I go to the hospital I will let you know more and tell you about what actually happened. Wish me luck.


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