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Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Some Downtime in Alanya

In just saying the name of this costal town, you get the impression that it may be a bit different. The name just flows off the tongue more smoothly. And in fact the town itself is a bit different from the other towns in Turkey I had been to previously. Life seems to have a slower pace there. Things feel more laid-back.

The main harbor. The main harbor, near the Red Tower.

And I expect I am not the only one to feel that. Alanya is a top destination for Europeans, and many people have gone there to set up a second home or as a place to begin a new stage in their life. After visiting Alanya, I can see why so many people want to spend time there.

The castle and town. Looking back over the castle to the town.

My main reason for going to Alanya was to visit a good friend. I also took advantage of her hospitality to just slow things down a bit and relax the schedule I had been on. Though the main attraction of the city is probably the beach area and its associated nightlife, there are other things to do and see in Alanya.

My friend Maryanne. My good friend Marryanne in Atatürk's house.

Up on top of the hill near the marina is Alanya Castle dating from 1226. There are some interesting ruins at the top of the hill that are great to explore.

Castle ruins. Ruins of a Byzantine era church within the castle.

Down at the bottom of the hill is the Kızıl Kule or (Red Tower). Again, another imposing structure that offers some magnificent views out over the coast.

The Red Tower. The Red Tower at night.

Alanya also boasts of Atatürk's House and Museum. Though it was never actually his home, he only visited there for a while, the house does offer a glimpse into early 20th century Turkish life and information into the life of the man known as the founder of the Republic of Turkey.

A bust of  Atatürk. A bust of Atatürk in Atatürk's House and museum.

Around Alanya there are also some Greek/Roman ruins, waterfalls, and a couple of caverns. I'll mention those in the next post.

The city is full of Turkish culture, good food, and nice people. Real estate prices are rising in Alanya with the influx of foreigners, but if I had the money, I would definitely consider it as a location for my own "retirement."

Here are some photos of the area. As a bonus, there is another rare picture of me in this photo album of Alanya. Enjoy the pictures.

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Hey! I was excited to find you had posted some pictures. What a beautiful place. Take care.


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