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Saturday, May 31, 2008


I don't know about you, but for me that city name evokes exotic images of the mid-east, cluttered bazaars, or camel laden caravans bring wares to market.

A view of the city. Looking down on the city from the castle.

The modern city, though, couldn't be further from those images. Though it is a nice place to visit, it didn't seem to attract me as much as other places in Turkey.

The Agora. Part of the agora.

There are some ruins of a Greek/Roman agora that make you think the city must have been pretty spectacular in its day. They are butted up right next to the modern city which is still covering part of the old plans.

Castle vaults. Some vaults that were under the castle up on the hill.

The remains of an old castle give a nice view of the city that I am sure is much better when the haze and smog aren't so bad.

A bronze in the museum. Inside the archeology museum.

The museums are small but they have a good sampling of the kinds of things that can be seen throughout Turkey.

Circumcision candidate. In the ethnography museum, this is one of the dioramas depicting Turkish culture. This particular diorama is of the circumcision room. I love the expression on the mannequin's face.

On the modern end of the spectrum, the waterfront has been developed with shops and walkways that, as evidenced by the crowds, the locals seem to enjoy.

Along the seaside. A view across the water to another part of the city.

I was only there a short time, but I expect the city can grow on you if given the chance.

Shoeshine box. This shoeshine box is fancier than most of the shoes the proprietor services.

Here are the few photos.

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Finally!!!! My friend told me you posted...I thought she was joking! Nice to see you back on!! Good luck on the hunt!


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