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Monday, March 03, 2008


Hampi was my next destination of note. It seems to be fairly popular with travelers and tourists. Luckily though, the bus tours don't seem to spend a lot of time there, so things can be pretty laid back for the backpacker crowd. Hampi is a nice place to spend a few more days in one location than you might usually.

One reason is just the setting. Hampi is situated on a plain strewn with granite boulders and the occasional granite hill. Additionally, there is a nice river winding its way through the plain which feeds or is fed by streams leading to banana plantations and sugar cane fields.

The scenery alone would probably be enough to make many people want to visit, " ... but wait! There's more!" Hampi was also a large population center at more than one time and there are ruins of temples and city structures from different eras all around he area.

For some of the structures all that remains is just the impression of where things once stood, but other structures are still standing, revealing much of the glory of days gone by. The Indian government has done a good job of restoring some structures and yet leaving some areas relatively untouched for the Indiana Jones in all of us. The work is on-going though, so don't wait too long to visit or by the time you get there everything will have been rebuilt.

Another good thing about Hampi, especially for cheap bastards like me, is that you can wander around and see a lot of interesting things without ever having to pay anything. There are entrance fees to a couple of areas, but until you are ready to see those particular locations, there is a lot to keep you occupied. it can be hot though, even in winter, so just be ready for the weather.

Yes, I went into the hills with all my money and camera, alone, and I didn't meet one robber. Maybe that is because I didn't bring any narcotic drugs with me.

Again, there a re a lot of pictures here so it may be best to use the album view rather than the slide show. That way you can click those photos that pique your interest and bypass the yawners.

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