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Sunday, January 27, 2008


This was my first real planned beach retreat. The guidebook says that the beach a bit further south, Kovala, might be a bit more picturesque, but the more upmarket hotels also mean it is more expensive. Well, that settles it then. Varkala and the cheap backpacker scene it is for me.

I thought the beach at Varkala was great. Of course you do have to walk down from the cliff (via stairs) to get to it, but hey, in that way it is a bit more special. There is a peculiar thing (not so peculiar when you think about it) you quickly notice about Indian beaches. Any beach that is easily accessed by the general Indian public is always dirty- covered by trash and sometimes scorch marks. If it takes any initiative to get to the beach, like walking more than five or ten minutes, or climbing hills or steps, that beach will invariably be much cleaner. Even beaches that are long stretches are always cleaner just a short distance from the bus stop/parking lot.

I spent the first couple of days at the beach a bit logy due to some sickness. I had a temperature of 102 degrees one night, but since the temperature did not return, I ruled out malaria. I guess it was just the flu or something. The next couple of days at the beach were nice. Just sitting on the beach, playing in the ocean, and overall relaxing. I didn't develop much of a tan there due to a combination of lots of suntan lotion from fear of sunburn, and a couple of overcast days.

A "tank" next to a Hindu temple a bit inland from the beach.

Two consecutive days when I and others were out swimming, a small group of dolphins came not more than 50 to 75 meters from the people in the water and swam around for a while. They would swim along the surface and occasionally leap out of the water. Once, one of them even did a flip, all without prompting. It was kind of exciting each of those two days, kind of like my own little dolphin encounter.

Not many picture from Varkala. Sometimes you have to just put down the camera and enjoy yourself.

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At 10:12 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Your pictures could be postcards..they are gorgeous. Malaria? that's not careful !


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