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Thursday, July 03, 2008

A Twofer

I am including two cities in this post just because one of the cities wasn't that interesting. Well, it wasn't that interesting on the day that I visited.

Calcium cliffs. No, that is not snow or ice, and I am not in Dover.

Pamukkale is probably a nice place when the conditions are right, but I arrived late at night and the next day was gray and rainy. Gray skies are not the best conditions in which to see the white travertine cliffs that make the city famous. The cliffs tend to take on the color of the sky making everything look faded and worn.

More calcium. The springs bring up the calcium which deposits as the water cools.

The showers didn't help either. I am sure the place is nice most of the time, but wandering around in the rain with nothing but a small umbrella for protection did not make for a nice day. You may be saying, "Gosh what a wimp. It's just a little rain." True, it may have been just a little rain, but it still was the winter season, and not having a place to dry wet clothes, it certainly is no fun hauling around one's wet garments.

A pool fed by the springs. A spring at the base of the cliffs. It's not warm, though.

Anyway, I saw the main attraction but missed the local ruins. That means I do have a reason to visit again some day when I can maybe see the city in a better light. Literally.

On to Antalya. Now Antalya was a very nice city. Its seaside location makes for a beautiful back drop to the sites and the old city with its warrens of older buildings.

An old building. Old buildings yet to be restored into shops or hotels.

The museum is very nice too. It has some very nice pieces. Several of the larger items are really incredible. And I hate to bring this news, but ...

Yes Virginia, there is a Santa Claus. But he is dead.

The bones of Santa Clause. It kind of spoils Christmas when you see Santa Claus' bones setting in a museum case.

Saint Nicholas is the person credited as being Santa Clause, and there are his bones displayed for everyone to see.

The beach. No one is swimming because it's February.

The city has a nice beach area. It is a pebble beach, but the rocks are small enough not to be uncomfortable. And you can wander up and down the beach and find wonderful stones that just beg to be picked up. I had to stop myself so I wouldn't end up carrying too much weight around.

Shiny, pretty stones. Lots of interesting stones.

And again, the water has an unbelievable blue/aquamarine quality to it. I never failed to be amazed by it.

The beautiful blue. Makes you want to take up cliff diving.

Enjoy the rest of the few pictures I have.

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