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Thursday, December 08, 2005


I am traveling into space. OK, actually just my name is going. But my presence will be out there in the heavens.

My name will be recorded on a chip that will be placed aboard a NASA probe headed out to the asteroid belt. I'll be zooming along with the DAWN probe as it investigates the two asteroids Ceres and Vesta to determine and understand the conditions at the formation of our solar system. This just goes to show that since can be fun as well as informative. NASA doesn't have to record names and send them along with the probe, but they do it to get people involved in science. You too can join me on the journey to the stars. Go to the DAWN site and enter your name. The probe is scheduled to be launched in May of 2006, so don't wait to long. Be sure to print out your certificate for posterity. Who knows, maybe someday someone out there will find the probe, find my name and come look me up. Hmm, that could be good or bad.
Send your name to the asteroid belt.


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