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Saturday, November 26, 2005

For Fun and Profit

In reality there is very little profit in it, but one of the things I do online is enter sweepstakes. When you have a broadband connection, you have to do something with that data pipe, and one person can only download so much porn entertainment.

Almost everyday I enter sweepstakes on the Internet. It is really easy to do. Just point, click, fill in a little information, being sure to uncheck all those boxes that say you want to receive lots of SPAM information, and you have just as much chance as anyone else to win a car, money, T-shirts, electronic gadgets, or any number of other possible prizes. Sometimes, if the prize is interesting, I enter some sweepstakes daily, if allowed.

You might be saying that it is all a waste of time, since, considering the odds, it is so difficult to actually win something. True, the prizes are few and far between, and the good prizes are even rarer, but I don't really look at it as an investment. For me, and for many people, entering sweepstakes is more of a hobby. A hobby that will occasionally net you a little bonus now and then. It is just like a person who collects comic books or figurines. Primarily those people aren't doing it for the potential profit. They are in it for the entertainment value, and hey, if one of those Superman comic books or crying clown statuettes turns out to be worth more money than you paid for it, then it is all gravy.

As a plus, entering sweepstakes means there are no items to store anywhere. And since I am already paying for the Internet connection, there is no added cost. All it takes is a little time. Besides, the odds are a lot better, and the cost is a lot cheaper than dropping money down the state lottery toilet every month.

I just entered a contest the other day. The prize is nothing amazing, just a trip, a little money, and a copy of a new video game for the PSP. What is interesting is that this particular sweepstakes has kind of a viral marketing campaign associated with it. Since I have entered, I can post a link on my site that lets others enter the game too. When they enter it gives me an extra entry in the sweepstakes. I don't know how deep the referrals go, but it whole concept is kind of nice. Once I get "infected" (enter the game), I can get others "infected" and they can "infect" others, etc., etc. It fits very well with the theme of the game. I commend the marketing person who adapted this program to their sweepstakes.

So anyway, if you want to enter the contest for the new game, INFECTED - for the PSP from Planet Moon Studios, just click the link or the image above. I would be ever so grateful. If you happen to win, be sure to let me know.


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