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Sunday, July 24, 2005

Hey, it's winter.

AndongNo, not really. In fact it is still pretty darn hot here. But, even though I complain about the weather. It could be worse. These are the forecasts for one day last week for Andong, left, and Las Vegas, right. Why Las Vegas, well that is because I grew up in Las Vegas, so for a large portion of my life, that is what I was used to.

Las Vegas

Notice that Las Vegas' low is still 1 degree higher than Andong's high. Think about that a minute. That means in Andong, with the temperature at its highest, I am still cooler than the folks back home in Las Vegas at their coldest. Now if only I could reduce the humidity a bit, I'd feel even better.

I went hiking the other day and found another friend to photograph.
He was so small that I had a hard time taking his picture, especially using only one hand. I like praying mantises. I think it is because they look so alien with their triangle heads and unique hunting style. They are a unique creature in the insect world; and they are beneficial. So don't kill them!

Since picking season is almost over, I though I would entice you one last time with some more raspberries. There may not be many out there left to pick, though. But any you can get would be better than none. I found a large patch and picked all these in about five minutes.

And finally, it is winter over on my photo blog. I have posted a new set that was mostly photographed during the winter season. Click the link above or the photo below to go have a look. Maybe it will help you feel cooler.

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