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Saturday, July 09, 2005


It rained most of the day today. The 10 day forecast isn't looking too good either. The rain isn't all that bad. It does cool things off. I just wish, when the forecast is for thunderstorms, there would actually be thunderstorms instead of just rain. I love a good lightning and thunderstorm. Here in Korea lightning doesn't seem to be all that common. I have heard a couple of claps of thunder in Andong, but it can't compare to the storms I grew up with in Las Vegas. Now there were some great lightning storms. I love when the lightning strikes right over your head and the thunder pounds you instantly. I have only been close to an actual lightning strike once. That was in Africa. It was a little scary, but exciting at the same time.

Yesterday was cloudy, but I went riding anyway. It was a hot, sweaty ride. I took the road that follows Andong lake along the left side. It is a dirt road for most of the way, but luckily there was almost no mud or standing water. It was also a very distracting ride.

Distracting because of these ...

As I was riding along I kept seeing raspberry bushes. I had to stop every now and then because almost each bush looked so much riper and juicier than the previous one. There was some good eating along the way. I have to say I still think the ones growing in partial shade taste better. What are you waiting for? Go out there and start picking. Be sure to check them before you pop them in your mouth, though. I almost ate a worm!

It was also distracting because of this guy ...

I almost ran over him on the road. Luckily(?) I missed, so I turned around and went back to have a look. He didn't move so I took the chance and took a few photos. He was a good model, though not very lively. If you click here, you can see a close up of his head (it is just a crop of the above picture). Finally he did get up and do a little dance and I got a picture.

There was one more thing that made me get off the bike to take some pictures.

I know I have taken pictures of flowers like these before, but this time there were a lot of them in a big bunch. I though it would make a good picture. What do you think?

And finally the update. I have added a new collection to my photo blog. This time it is mostly just a bunch of photos of some old houses. I have seen them several times, but I thought you might like to take a look. Click the photo below or click here to go to the photo blog. I hope you like the photos.

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