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Tuesday, December 04, 2007

Still of Cambodia

But no longer of Siem Reap. Phnom Phen was nice, but not quite ans memorable as the temples around Angkor.

Independence monument.

My visit to the "Killing Fields" was a rather somber experience, as was the prison where they kept some people before killing them. It is something rather hard to imagine, but rather hard to deny when you have the evidence right in front of you. It is sad that Cambodia now has that period as part of its history, but then all history seems to be filled with moments like that. It is too bad we seem so poor at learning from history.

Inside the monument at the Killing Fields.

Elsewhere there was the royal palace and associated temple, and a few other temples here and there, but I think maybe the best thing was just strolling along the riverside area and watching life go by.

Part of the royal palace.

The snacks and food were easy to come by, but I didn't take advantage of the fried crickets, tarantulas, cockroaches, bats, sparrows, and other things you would never imagine people would eat. The corn on the cob was certainly good though, as were the fruit shakes.

Food, glorious food. (?)

The Russian (tourist) market was OK to stroll around in for a while, but seeing as I rarely buy souvenirs, it didn't hold my interests for too long. Probably more interesting were the real markets with their crowds, oddities, and inevitable smells. And, man oh man, was it good to get iced sugarcane juice again. Pressed straight straight from the cane. I tried a packaged product once from a store but it was just not the same as fresh squeezed. If you have never had it before, it is kind of hard to describe. No water added, it tastes a bit like sugar-water but with flavor, kind of a planty flavor, maybe. Mmm, Mmm, good. True, I was breaking a cardinal rule of street food, but it is so much better when cold. Besides, with all the places I have been and things I have eaten, my digestive system has become pretty hardened. My stomach rarely rebels against me. The back end may go off due to something from time to time, but it rarely lasts too long.

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