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Saturday, November 03, 2007


I thought I would post these pictures now since they are of a timely nature. I am in Cambodia at the moment, in Phnom Phen. (I'll get the pictures from previous places up as soon as I can.) I happened to be touring the royal palace as the same time as this man.

If you are not sure who it is, take a look at the hair. Second clue, he is an official from a country near where I used to live. Nope, sorry, it is not brother Kim, Jong Il. This guy is way too tall. But he is some top-vice-chief-premier or something or other from North Korea. Sorry, his name eludes me at the moment.

Ah, his name is Kim, Yong Il and he is the premier of North Korea. He certainly got the royal treatment while he was there. They closed galleries to regular tourists, rolled out a carpet for him to walk on, and had ice cold water wherever he might stop for a minute. I was on my way out of the palace when suddenly someone just pushed me back. Apparently I couldn't exit that way while the official car was waiting to receive his premier-ness.

So there you have it. My latest brush with greatness. Or at least semi-important-ness.

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