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Tuesday, October 16, 2007

On Kungfu ...

Speaking of the Shaolin Temple ...

I am not a real big martial arts fan, but I thought I couldn't go to Luoyang and not visit the birth place of Kungfu. It is a temple and an actual school for teaching Kungfu. They have foreign students, including Hollywood movie stars, real and wannabe, who stay and learn there.

Still though, as the bus drove past the temple and I noticed the parking lot, the first thing that came to mind was "Disneyland." True, it was the National day golden week holiday, so it was probably more crowded than usual, but man there were a lot of cars there.

In actuality, it was in many ways like Disneyland, but without the rides.

  • Disneyland has themes- Tomorrowland, Fantasyland, Adventureland, etc. The Shaolin Temple has a theme- Kungfu.
  • Disneyland has shows. The Shaolin Temple has martial arts shows.
  • Disneyland has characters wandering around for your amusment. The Shaolin Temple has actual Kungfu students positioned around, shouting and hitting things for your amazement.
  • Disneyland sells lots of snacks, souvenirs, and assorted crap. The Shaolin Temple also sells snacks (although of an unfamiliar variety), souvenirs, and lots of crap.
  • Disneyland has interesting buildings and things to see. The Shaolin Temple has, well, actual temples and stupas to see.

So in essence, the Shaolin Temple is just like Disneyland, only without the fun. No, it is not that bad. Maybe just not my cup of tea. I was more impressed by the mountain up behind the temple.

Oh, the Shaolin Temple does have one thing Disneyland doesn't have ... Red Army guards tromping around.

Here are some photos for you. A few from Xian, some from Luyong and the Longmen Grottos, and finally from the Shaolin Temple. Enjoy

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