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Thursday, August 23, 2007

Leaving On a Jet Plane ...

And I really don't know when I will be back again.

Hey, did I mention I will be traveling soon? Yep, I have decided to take a break from work for a while and see more of the world.

I will start in China, see some parts of South-east Asia that I have missed, and then into India. After that, where I go is anyone's guess. This trip may be a long one, possibly six months.

I will try to post some entries or pictures here from time to time, but I can't guarantee how often.

Before I go, let me leave you with a little bit more of Korea. Below are some of the pictures I have taken here over the years.There are more on my public Picasa site. Go have a look.

More photos!

Wish me luck on my journey. Oh, and if, somehow, I happen to get abducted along the way. I don't negotiate with kidnappers. And you shouldn't bother to either.

Remember ... Jama rek.

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