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Friday, April 21, 2006

Of Policies and Politics

I originally took this test a while ago, but only recently rediscovered the captured images when I had to migrate my documents to a new Windows XP system.

I have often wondered where I fit in the political spectrum. I am registered as a Republican, but I always vote policy above party. That has meant that I have voted across party lines several times. Personally, I don't know why anyone would vote a party line if their inklings lean in another direction. If you go to you can take a test that will categorize your way of thinking and plot you on a graph of Left vs. Right and Authoritarian vs. Libertarian.

As you can see from my score, I am pretty close to middle of the road. I know I definitely don't have any strong leanings on way or another, but there are some things that concern me, and I think they show up in the graph.

While I don't necessarily believe in communism, I do believe that the class structure of haves and have-nots has gone a bit too far. While not an anarchist, I do think that individual liberties do sometimes outweigh the need for state control.

Thankfully I am not in George Bush's or Sadddam Hussein's regions. And I think being in the same quadrant as Nelson Mandela and The Dalai Lama puts me in some pretty good company.

What about you, where do you fit in the political spectrum? Take the test and see. Let me know if you are in my neighborhood.

Just a quick side note. I retook the test when posting this entry, and it seems I have moved a little more to the left, but am the same on the anarchy scale.

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