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Monday, February 27, 2006

Another Random Photo from the Past

The Place: The corn fields of Iowa, USA.
The Time: Early summer of 2004.
The Incident: Extraterrestrial Visitation?

Clicking this will open a much larger version of the image, so give it some time to load.

This is actually just a portion of a panorama image I took that day. I was visiting a friend in Iowa that summer. I know what you are thinking "Iowa? Why Iowa?" Well it was the friend I was visiting, but the location actually turned out to be pretty nice too.

Being a son of the desert, I insisted we stop and take a picture of the wide expanses of corn. Corn, corn, and more corn for nearly as far as the eye could see. When I took the picture I was just interested in setting things up so I could make a panorama. This was the first image and the second was to the right. At the time I didn't even notice the "unidentified flying object" in the frame. I only noticed it when uploading the images to the computer.

Now, I know it is not something on the lens or a defect in the camera because all the other pictures from the trip are prefect. Well, nearly perfect taking into account my poor photography skills. Unfortunately, there is really nothing in the image to help judge the scale of the "object". It could be as small as a bug up close to the lens or as big as a 747 off in the distance. It appears to me, as if it is far off, somewhere near the clouds in the distance.

Image borrowed from and modified.Now I am not a big believer in UFOs. I think the large majority of reported incidents can probably be legitimately explained away as hoaxes or just misinterpretations of normal objects. Having said that, I don't totally disbelieve in UFOs either. I am child of science, so I need proof. I would certainly be more apt to believe if some little green guy stopped his craft in front of my house and asked for directions, but that hasn't happened yet. Others may have said that they have actually met with the ETs, but again, there is not much in the way of proof. The thing that keeps me from calling UFO people totally nuts is that I believe I have possibly seen some sort of unidentified flying object myself. But that was long ago and far away. It is just very puzzling to me why someone would fly billions of miles through space only to play hide and seek with the entire population of Earth.

If UFOs and such interest you then here is a site you might like to visit, Be sure to click the links on the left for "Best UFO Photographs" and "Best UFO Videos." Lots of fun there.



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