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Thursday, April 13, 2006

Right On Target

My body may betray me at times and occasionally make me feel older than I am, but apparently my brain is right on target. I took the Brain Speed test at Positscience and it turns out I am in the top ten percentile for my age group. I guess my brain is better than I thought it was. Here is my score.
As you can see by the chart below (I am 42 years old), I am doing pretty darn well for my age. A lower score is better- faster brain speed. Thirty-two is the top ten percent for people in their 40's and I got a 31. :-)

I have to say I think it would be pretty hard to get a much lower score. You would have to have pretty darn good ears and a really fast brain. Apparently as we get older our brains slow down, as one might expect. But several sources say regular exercise of the brain can keep it young.

Whether the software these folks are selling works to exercise the brain or not, I really don't know. But I must say the person who wrote up the Brain Speed test needs to work on speeding up their own brain. If you look at that first image, you can see where they wrote "... find our how ..." instead of "find out how"

What is your Brain Speed score? Take the test and find out. If anyone buys the program, please let me know what it is like.

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